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Interesting sites in the neighbourhood It is quite popular to go hiking up along the canyon Rauðsgil, which seperates Steindórsstaðir and the neighbouring farm. Many pretty waterfalls are in the canyon. A bit further than the last waterfall, on the east side of the river, is the ,,Fellaflói“, that the icelandic poet Jón Helgason writes about in his poem ,,Á Rauðsgili“/,,At Rauðsgil“. The neighbouring farm is named Rauðsgil after the canyon.

To go horseback riding Okveg is another popular pasttime, the way goes up along the canyon all the way up to Tjaldhóll and from there onto Okveg itself. Also the view from the farms mountainridge is very pretty.

Well-known sight-seeing places in the neighbourhood are:

  • Reykholt – 2 km. This is where Snorri Sturluson lived and you can still see remarkable ruins dating from his time, f.x. Snorri´s pool. Snorrastofa, built to honor Snorri´s memory, holds interesting events and shows in the basement of the church. There you will also find a library and a wonderful giftshop.
  • Deildartunguhver- 9 km. The hot spring that has the most water in Europe.
  • Hraunfossar – 15 km. *Húsafell – 25 km. Swimming pool, golf course and pretty hiking tracks. It is the home of Páll Guðmundsson artist and his works can be seen, sculptures of natural stones, as you walk through the area.
  • Hvanneyri – 20 km. Ullarselið a gift shop that specializes in products made out of wool, Museum of Agriculture, the University of Agriculture in Iceland.
  • Borgarnes – 44 km. Next town, swimmming pool, Borgarfjörður Heritage Museum, Settlement Center, shops and more. *A golfcourse at Nes, 5 km from the farm.